MXLOVE Liquid Multidis and bleaching agent

Properties and action
MXLOVE Liquid Multidis and bleaching agent solution is clear, pale yellow-greenish liquid with characteristics chlorine odour. MXLOVE Liquid Multidis and bleaching agent  solution has strong bactericidal effect on all clinical strains of bacteria. It has remarkable bactericidal (Grampositive and Gram-negative bacteria), sporocidal and fungicidal effect that is achieved in a very short time even at high dilution rates (small concentrations).

  • Light yellow to yellowish solution with chlorine odour
  • Kills common household germs
  • Whitens, deodorized, disinfect, and sanitized various household germs
  • Shelf life is good for 6 months only.
  • Add glows to the glass dishware
  • Preserves and keeps cut flowers fresh
  • Used for industrial manufacturing plant

To sanitize clothes : 10 – 15 ml per kg of clothes for full load of water

To Manual Sanitizer Rinse for glasses. Dishes, & Utensils :

  • Use 0.5 % ( 1 tbsp) Bleach to a liter water.
  • Scrape and pre-flush articles to be washed.
  • Wash with recommended products
  • Rinse with potable water.
  • Sanitize by immersion in a solution of this sanitizer solution
  • Immerse all utensils for at least 3-5 minutes.
  • Air dry on clean drain board or drain at stainless rack.

For Sanitize, Disinfectant & Deodorize FLOORS :
Mix 20-30 ml of  MXLOVE Liquid Multidis and bleaching agent  in a gallon of water, (can be mix with fragrance spray if needed.)

Then mop the solution to the floor to clean and sanitize the area.

MXLOVE Liquid Multidis and bleaching agent solution is approved for use in food industry.

MXLOVE Liquid Multidis and bleaching agent solution is used in healthcare facilities, in public facilities, in hospitality and hotel industries and in household, as efficient disinfectant and
bleaching agent.

  • General disinfecting and deodorizing

– 0.1% solution may be used to sanitize walls, baths and other hard surfaces. Add

the working solution and allow it to stand for 5 minuites. Wash and then rinse

well with clean water.

  • Healthcare facilities

– Depending on the needs, preparation of different concentrations, as follows:

Cloths and mops                                           0.006 % solution

Work surfaces, floors etc.                            0.01 % solution

Crockery, cutlery                                           0.01 % solution

General disinfection                          0.1 % solution

Laboratory work surfaces                            0.1 % solution

Sink, Pipette Jars                                           0.25 % solution

Blood Spillage                                               1 % solution

Public fascilities

– 0.006 % solution may be used to sanitize surfaces, walls, floors.

Water disinfection

– Preparation of 0.00005 % solution.

  • Swimming pools disinfection

– Preparation of 0.00005 % solution.

  • Chlorination of wells and water supply systems

– Preparation of 0.00005 – 0.0001 % solution.


Use on white cottons and linens ONLY. Always test a small area of the fabric colour

fastness first. Do not use on silks, synthetic materials or satins.

– 0.01 % solution for whitening. Add the laundry, wash and then rinse in clean


– 0.1 % solution for stain removal. For white fabric with stubborn stains, soak the

stained area for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with water. This may be repeated if the

fabric is still not stain free.



Cleaning of haemodialysis machines

The whole system is filled with a 3-4% solution, heated to 37°C and pumped for 30

minutes to 1 hour. The whole system is thеn rinsed with deionized water, until

negative chloride reaction with indicator KI starch paper.

Instructions for use

MXLOVE Liquid Multidis and bleaching agent solution is used diluted with water in various

concentrations, depending on type of material, dirt/impurity and pathogen contamination.

The concentration of working solutions refers to the concentration of active

chlorine (g/l).

Concentration of solution (%) Solution WATER
0.00005 5 Up to 1000 L
0.0001 10 Up to 1000 L
0.006 3 Up to 5 L
0.01 5 Up to 5 L
0.1 50 Up to 5 L
0.25 125 Up to 5 L
1 500 Up to 5 L
3 1500 Up to 5 L
4 2000 Up to 5 L

Precaution measures

MXLOVE Liquid Multidis and bleaching agent solution releases toxic gas in contact with acids.

Irritates eyes and skin in contact with skin, immediately wash with plenty of water. Do

not mix with strong acids, amines and ammonia. Wear protective gloves and glasses

during manipulation with this product.

Storage considerations

Keep away from the reach of children!

Store MXLOVE Liquid Multidis and bleaching agent solution in tightly sealed original packaging,

in a dry and ventilated place, away from light, at temperature from +2º С to +8º С,

separately from food and beverages

Shelf life

3 months.

Note: Do not use MXLOVE Liquid Multidis and bleaching agent solution after the expiry date.

The expiry date refers to the last day of that month.


1000 ml          –           liter

6.0 L                –           gallon

20 liters          –           cby

200 liters        –           drum



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